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About Us

About Ribbonza

At Ribbonza, we provide an innovative way of packaging. Our goal is not just to provide you with an attractive ribbon, but also make your packaging stand out from competitors. We offer a wide range of ribbon styles, colors, and designs. We make sure that the personalized ribbons meet your preferences and packing requirements.

We cater to various retailers from all across the globe. Through our innovation, experience, and expertise, we have become the leading supplier of custom printed ribbons across the globe. Our personalized raised printed ribbon, which is also known as French raised print, is used by top brands in various industries that include ready-to-wear, perfume, cosmetics, chocolates, lingerie, wines and spirits, jewelry, and fine foods.

Why Choose Ribbonza

Ribbonza has become the go-to supplier of personalized ribbons worldwide. Our clients include high street store groups, perfumery, jewelers, and confectioners, just to name a few. WE make their packaging more luxurious through our customized ribbons.

We can help companies with their branding campaigns through personalized ribbons. We will ensure that the ribbons are unique, and something that they can call their own. The ribbons can be printed with the corporate logo, message, or brand name. We know that the ribbons will reflect our client’s company, and that’s why we make sure that everything is clean, consistent, and crisp.

By being a pioneer in high-end packaging, there is one thing that we can assure you – we will deliver top-notch quality all the time. We have a team of competent and creative artisans who can come up with outputs that match your preferences. We have a state-of-the-art warehouse and innovative equipment. We have more than a decade of experience in the business. We have been trusted by many others and have been given words of praises by our clients in the past. With all of these, we are confident with what we can produce.

Now, while consumers are clearly open to more brands than ever, there’s a chance to win more business and potentially more brand loyalty when the economy improves. Ribbonza is here to maximize your chance for it…