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Custom Printed Duo-Color Satin Ribbon

Custom Printed Duo-Color Satin Ribbon
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The duo-color satin printed ribbon is a premium elegant and silky solution with a variety of colors on each side of it. It also has finished edges to attribute to the elegant appeal. It is perfect for jewelers, chocolate stores as well as for gift stores, corporate venues and weddings. It conveys a particularly sophisticated and rather professional image. You can choose from a variety of different colors and tailor the ribbon to your preferences.

Discounted Price per Quantity

Ribbon Width

1000 yards

2000 yards

5000 yards

10.000 yards & More

3/8" Duo-Color Satin Ribbon

0.63$ per yard 0.60$ per yard 0.57$ per yard 0.54$ per yard

9/16" Duo-Color Satin Ribbon

0.66$ per yard 0.63$ per yard 0.60$ per yard 0.57$ per yard

1" Duo-Color Satin Ribbon

0.72$ per yard 0.69$ per yard 0.66$ per yard 0.63$ per yard

1 3/8" Duo-Color Satin Ribbon

0.75$ per yard 0.72$ per yard 0.69$ per yard 0.66$ per yard


Product Description

When it comes to the production of high quality and elegant, silky ribbons, we take the matter incredibly serious. With years in the industry, we are pioneers in what we do, and we make sure to set the highest standards. This is particularly important as we understand what our clients want the most and we make sure to exceed their expectations. Our silky ribbons are particularly trendy, stylish and most importantly – versatile. They are appropriate for a range of different situation, and that’s one of the things that make them great.

We have the necessary experience as we are in the field for more than a decade. You can rest assured that everything is going to be handled brilliantly and that you are going to receive a high-quality ribbon with perfect colors and sensation.

We don’t just produce silky ribbons of the highest quality; we make sure that they are tailored to your preferences. With artisan professionals handling every request, we are here to make sure that everything abides by the high preferences of our customers. We know we have set the bar high and we make sure to keep up with the good work. The silky, elegant ribbons are definitely something rather different, and they can easily enhance the appeal of your entire event. They are also suitable for a variety of different occasions, which is definitely an added benefit.

You should also keep in mind that every single ribbon is tailored and created for you in particular which is why we are going to send your order within 2 weeks. After the dispatch, you can allow between 3 and 5 working days for the delivery, depending on your location. We aim to create something valuable, and this is something which takes time.

Please also note that our duo-color satin ribbons are only printed on 1 side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ribbonza?
With our many years of experience and professional production team we manufacture the best quality printed printed ribbon for your business needs. Our packaging products are a direct reflection of your company or organization.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Kansas, USA, but we have our offices and production lines in Europe and Asia.

What is the estimated delivery time?
It depends on the placed order, but the EDT is usually a maximum of two weeks. Our sales team informs you at every step of the process after you place an order. Remember that great things take time and we are convinced that it is worth waiting. :)

What is the minimum order?
The minimum order 1000 yards

Why minimum order is 1000yards?
This is a question we are often asked :). First of all, it is one of the main goals of every company to bring out your best face for a potential customer. You can use custom ribbon for many different purposes, product packaging, gifts, events, travel and much more. The other reason is that we prepare a unique cliché for every order we receive and we do not count for it! The costs of cliche make almost the same costs for the minimal ribbon order and are not preferred.

Can we order a special ribbon color that is not indicated in your color option?
Yes, that's possible. For orders of more than 40 rolls of ribbon we can produce ribbons with your company color. Just send us the pantone color or CMYK and we'll do the rest.

What should be the Logo format?
We prefer vector format as CDR or AI, but every quality image of your logo will be studied by our designers.

Do you send to multiple addresses?
Yes, we send to multiple addresses. After you have placed your order, you only have to e-mail the address details and our team will take care of it.

Can I track the progress of my order?
Yes, that's possible. Once you have placed your order, you can track the progress through our system by logging in to your account. Your login details consist of your e-mail address and the password you choose.

What are the shipping costs?
When you order your order, the shipment is calculated and displayed in your shopping cart, depending on your country and quantity. But because we work intensively with known couriers, UPS, FedEX, DHL, etc. The freight costs are much lower than the standard costs. The shipment is air freight, from door to door, so that you receive it within a few days after delivery.

Do you send overseas?
Yes, we ship overseas. Most of our customers come from the United States, Canada and the EU. With a global reach we can respond to all your distribution needs. Whether it is just about maintaining contacts with your forwarder or to bring the goods directly to you.

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