Even though the consumer is not dissatisfied with the packaging available on the market, he would still like to be tempted by functional and attractive packaging ideas, by multi-sensory appeal and creative design - preferably with packaging ideas made from board. He acknowledges additional benefits and appeal and is even willing to pay an extra charge for them. Good starting points for improvements, changes, innovations which optimize the features of packaging that determine buying decisions and thus generate new market potential can be summarized in consumers'' top ten requests about product packaging:

1. Eye-catching appearance A distinctive, unmistakable and eye-catching appearance is a signal at the POS to which all consumers and particularly the younger ones respond positively. Whatever stands out clearly in the monotonous competitive environment, whatever is surprising scores points with the consumer. Special effort makes a special impression - and is allowed to cost more too.

2. Design, shape and colour The purpose of well-considered design, creative printing and finishing is to entice the consumer to devote attention to the pack and its contents at the POS. Aesthetics and attractiveness are major distinctive features - and are in fact essential in some product segments: beautiful packaging design is of central importance in the cosmetics and confectionery product groups. Consumers like to buy agreeably designed and decorative products!

3. Functionality Functional aspects are the basis for all successful packaging and for thus greater product success too. Product and aroma protection, hygiene and tightness, environmental responsibility and practical handling (in both use and storage) are just as important here as ideas that improve comfort: closure mechanisms, portioning, see-through windows, for example.

4. Innovation Novelty has exceptionally strong appeal. An innovative pack can even make "new products" out of familiar ones. Unusual solutions, functional new developments and originality not only set design trends but also boost sales!

5. Material What is printed on board is read particularly willingly, while what is packaged in board sells particularly well. Sustainability, easy disposal and, above all, great design variety and potential are particular features of the material. Popular with consumers, particularly high appeal, and many other advantages too.

6. Efficient communication The packaging is the credible medium at the point of sale and is consulted willingly and intensively (see "Material"). This makes it an efficient means of communication and, in addition, one that gets closer to the consumer than all others. If several of his senses are appealed to as well, he can be persuaded particularly successfully.

7. Multisensory appeal Anyone who approaches consumers via several of his senses attracts greater attention, intensifies perception and stimulates interest in buying. Packaging that can be felt, smelled and heard as well as looked at wins the customer's favor. So much so that he is willing to pay a higher price for this multisensory appeal.

8. Appropriateness for the product Packaging is considered to be an important indicator of quality. The quality of the product, therefore, has to be communicated by good packaging and not just by promises of quality made in the text on the packaging. A credible "overall work of art" is created as a result, in which the contents and the packaging are coherent and the consumer is convinced by their consistency.

9. Value
Packaging is an excellent way to communicate sophistication, class, and value. This makes it an ideal strategic option for expressing premium positioning - as well as being the instrument of choice when a product needs to be upgraded or a brand needs to be revitalized. Products in classy packaging are particularly popular presents too.

10. Additional benefits Successful packaging not only combines what is pleased with what is functionally useful but also provides additional benefits. For example, as a gift or for presentation, with entertaining components or simply by making it possible to continue using the packaging for something else after the product has been consumed.