It shows the recipient that you are passionate about your product, and reinforces the handmade ethos – that your product has been lovingly made and packaged by hand – not by some machine in a factory! Everyone loves receiving beautifully wrapped gifts, so if your products are packaged in such a way that the recipient feels like they’re opening a little present, even if it’s just a couple of greeting cards, it will hopefully brighten up their day and make your business stand out, so hopefully they’ll return! It’s not necessary to spend lots of extra money – you can reuse packaging or materials you already have lying around – for example tissue paper and ribbon. Since I buy a lot of handmade things that usually come beautifully packaged, I always keep that packaging for future use!

It’s easy to forget about packaging when your product is sold online. However, since your customers don’t get to experience your work in a brick-and-mortar shop, how you package your product becomes the customer’s first impression.

First impressions are everything. The way you package your product is a way of putting your best “face” forward to a potential customer when they encounter your work for the first time.