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Our custom printed grosgrain ribbon is tightly woven and has ridges along the length. Grosgrain ribbon is a heavy duty ribbon that is still elegant. It`s a very popular option for gift wrapping and used by companies that make jewelry, chocolate,cosmetics etc... The best thing about grosgrain ribbon is that it can be cut and heat sealed to avoid having the ribbon fray. Grosgrain ribbon makes your packaging unique and stands out from your competitors.

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1" Grosgrain Ribbon

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1 3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon

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Product Description

Grosgrain ribbon is highly flexible and forgiving, so you can make neatly tied bows. Having custom printed ribbon makes your logo and packaging unique. This makes your products stand out from the competition, and your customers will have a lasting impression of your business. All of our ribbon is high quality, and the writing comes in gold, silver, or a color that compliments the ribbon color to make a huge impact.

And best of all, we have been doing this for decades, so we have more-than perfected the art of custom printing. Therefore, our printing is guaranteed to NOT rub off of our ribbon.

Packaging is an important part of making your company memorable for your customers. Having great packaging that is high quality wins you more business, and improves your customers brand loyalty. The reality is that presentation is everything in business, so you need to stand out from the competition, or you will fade into the background. Having beautiful custom packaging is one of the ways to impress your customers every time, and keep them coming back.

You do not need to worry about our ribbon, as we are a pioneer in the custom packaging industry. We make sure that all of our products are premium quality. All of our ribbons are printed by artisans in our warehouse that love their job, so you know that you are getting high quality every time. Being in the industry for decades has allowed us to perfect our craft, so our printing is guaranteed to not rub off of the ribbon.

We have a wide assortment of colors and widths that you can choose from. Our lettering comes in eye-catching gold, silver, or a custom picked color. We work to make beautiful ribbon that fits all your packaging needs.

Please note that all of our ribbon is custom printed just for you. We aim to have your ribbon created, and sent to you within just 2 weeks. Remember that the best things take time, and we are confident that waiting for our ribbon is worth the wait. We will send you an email confirming that you order has been dispatched, and there will be a tracking number. For most areas, delivery will take 3 to 5 working days.

Please also note that our grosgrain ribbons are only printed on 1 side.

Frequently Asked Questions
A. We are becoming more and more of a visual culture and it is becoming more and more important in business today that your customers be able to recognize your business or products quickly and easily with only a few visual cues. Custom ribbon offer your business an affordable way to get your name out there to more and more people. By printing your logo on ribbon and attaching this custom printed ribbon to your products, you will be increasing the visibility of your brand and increasing its overall brand recognition.
A. For three decades, Ribbonza has gained a solid customer base of businesses big and small that continue to rely on our services—for good reason! From impeccable printing quality to affordable pricing, Ribbonza is committed to the satisfaction of our customers and we strive to exceed their every expectation.With years of experience in packaging industry and professional production team we manufacture the best quality printed ribbon for your business needs. Our packaging products are a direct reflection of your company or organization.Staying true to the personal approach that we take, Ribbonza supports each client throughout the entire process—from product selection to design to delivery.
A. Our head office is located in Kansas, USA and our production line is in Turkey but we have also our sales representatives in Europe and Asia.
A. Absolutely! Please fill out a sample request form to receive free samples. If you are concerned, please call a Customer Care Representative at 1-424-345-0099 or email us at and request samples or get advice on details of the ribbon you want to purchase.
A. Yes! We run frequent specials on our printed ribbon! Check our website often and look for sale information on the home page. You can also subscribe to our mailing list. By doing this, you'll receive emails with the most up-to-date ribbon specials!
A. No, this ribbon is not designed for contact with moisture. Also our ribbon is not intended for extended use in outdoor elements and may fade over time. Also, some of the inks printed on our ribbons will fade or rub off if handled repeatedly. Custom printed ribbon is designed for one-time use only. Retying the ribbon over and over will result in the custom imprint potentially cracking and breaking down.
A. The minimum order 1000 yards. We prepare unique cliché for every order we receive and we do not charge for it! The costs of cliche make almost the same costs for any order less than minimum ribbon order. Also it is one of the main goals of every company to bring out your best face for a potential customer. You can use custom ribbon for many different purposes, product packaging, gifts, events, travel and much more.
A. It may differ from order to order but EDT is usually 2-3 weeks. Our sales team informs you at every step of the process after you place an order. Remember that great things take time and we are convinced that it is worth waiting. :)
A. Custom printed ribbon orders that are canceled before they have been manufactured will incur a $30 fee, plus any additional art charges that have been incurred at the time of the cancellation. No returns will be accepted without written or verbal approval from Ribbonza. Custom printed products that have been produced prior to cancellation cannot be returned. Please contact us for any questions or concern you may have
A. Absolutely. Just please email us at providing pantone color or CMYK and we'll do the rest.
A. We prefer vector format for ribbon print but You can upload .jpg (High-Maximum quality), .gif, and .png or any image files in the ordering processing Please call us at 1-424-345-0099 or email us at and we'll help you submit your artwork for printing. Upon request our designers will prepare sketch of ribbon in PDF format and email you free of charge to make an idea how your custom ribbon will look like .
A. The customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents, or copyrights on any requested design or copy.
A. Each roll of ribbon contains 50, or 100 yards. Let's say you ordered 1000 yards, than you will receive 10 or 20 rolls accordingly.
A. Custom printed ribbon orders that are canceled after order placement will incur a $30.00 fee plus any additional art charges that have been accrued at the time of the cancellation. Keep in mind, an order cannot be canceled if it is has already been sent to press.
A. Yes, we send to multiple addresses. After you have placed your order, you only have to e-mail the address details and our team will take care of it.
A. Yes, that's possible. Once you have placed your order, you can track the progress through our system by logging in to your account or contact Customer Care to check on the status of your order. You can call 1-424-345-0099 or email us at for an update.
A. Yes, we ship overseas. Most of our customers come from the United States, Canada and the EU. With a global reach we can respond to all your distribution needs. Whether it is just about maintaining contacts with your forwarder or to bring the goods directly to you.
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